Home Lab

Home Lab

How to Start Your Home Lab

How to Start Your Home Lab
In this post, I cover the perks of running a home lab, scouting for equipment, and home lab design.


Proxmox VE 8: Converting a Laptop into a Bare Metal Server
In this post, we will take a look at an in-detail process of setting up a Proxmox home lab on a bare metal server.

You do not have to use an old laptop. That was just the premise of this project. You can use any hardware at your disposal and follow this guide with success. It is a huge project that encompasses setting up a security lab in Proxmox and contains both attack and detection setups.


Building a Security Lab in VirtualBox
In this post, we we will take a look at an in-detail process of setting up an entry-level cybersecurity lab using VirtualBox

This guide is better suited to people that do not have extra hardware at their disposal. You can use your laptop or desktop, install VirtualBox, and get started right away with this guide. Just note, the more disk space and RAM you have, the better.

Home Lab Blog Posts

Home Lab - 0xBEN
Home computer lab: where all the fun happens

Computer Networking


Routing and Switching

Computer Networking Flowchart
In this post, I will go over a simple diagram and show a couple scenarios on the way data travels between two hosts

OSI Model

OSI Model Visualization
In this post, I provide a mock-up of the OSI model and briefly discuss the the differences with the TCP/IP model

How VLANs Work

How Do VLANs Work? Exploring the 802.1q Protocol
In this post, I cover the 802.1q protocol and the concept of VLANs

GNS3 Remote Server Project

Proxmox: GNS3 Remote Server
In this post, I demonstrate how to get GNS3 Remote Server running in Proxmox, and how to connect to it using a GNS3 client on Windows.

Networking Blog Posts

Computer Networking - 0xBEN
Protocols, routing, switching, proxying, tunneling, all the fun stuff of computer networking

Computer Programming


PowerShell for Beginners

PowerShell 101 - 0xBEN
PowerShell for beginners

PowerShell Blog Posts

PowerShell - 0xBEN
All things PowerShell


0xBEN - Overview
Systems and Security Engineer. Perpetual learner. 0xBEN has 14 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
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