On this page, I provide various links to coffee-related posts on my blog, as well as links to green coffee vendors and equipment that I have purchased.

I decided to include a coffee aspect to my blog because roasting and brewing coffee are two of my favorite hobbies.

The process of finding ethically-sourced and ethically-grown coffee, and reading about the farmers and their communities are something I find interesting. And, the process of roasting coffee is a hobby I can enjoy where I get up from the computer and spend an hour doing something that doesn't involve a computer screen.

Coffee brewing is another process which allows a brief moment of solitude. Some people look at the way I make coffee and say that it's too much work. I, on the contrary, see it as a way for me craft something extraordinary, a true farm-to-cup experience.


My Roasting Gear

RazzoRoasting make upgrades of outstanding quality. They often sell out of items quickly. I say this as a warning that I am linking the items, but there is a good chance they will be sold out when you navigate to their Etsy page. I believe they have a waitlist for their items.

Preferred Green Coffee Vendors

These are green (unroasted) coffee vendors I've shopped from, and can say I've had positive experiences with their customer service and/or products.

Green Coffee Vendors List

This is a general list of green (unroasted) coffee vendors I've compiled out of interest, and not to be construed as a positive or negative rating of the vendor.

Coffee Roasting 101

Coffee Roasting 101
In this post I will cover the basics when it comes to roasting coffee with a FreshRoast SR800

Coffee Roasting Posts

Roasting - 0xBEN
The art of coffee roasting


My Brewing Gear


Pour Over


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