VirtualBox: Running Kioptrix 1 (#1)

In this post, I show you how to import KIOPTRIX: LEVEL 1 (#1) from Vulnhub.
In: VirtualBox, Home Lab, Attack, CTF

Download and Extract the VM Files

Where to Download

Kioptrix: Level 1 (#1)
Kioptrix: Level 1 (#1), made by Kioptrix. Download & walkthrough links are available.

Download (Mirror):

Extract the Files

The VM is packaged in a .rar archive. You can use a tool such as 7-Zip to extract the VM files from the archive.

Open the directory
Here are the VM files
The Kioptix Level 1.vmdk file is what we're interested in. A .vmdk file is a virtual hard disk file. We'll be attaching this to a scaffolded VM and setting this disk as the boot disk.

Create the VM Scaffolding

Create a New VM

Create a new VM
Click 'Next'
Click 'Next'
Click 'Next' > 'Finish' > 'Continue'

Add the Virtual Disk File

Go to the directory where you extracted the .rar file before.

Right-click the '.vmdk' file and choose 'Cut'
Right-click and select 'Show in Explorer' (Windows-only)
Right-click in the window and choose 'Paste'
You should now have three files in here
Don't power on the VM yet!

Adjust Some Settings

Right-click and choose 'Settings'
Select 'Storage'
Click the 'Add Hard Disk' button
Click the 'Add' button
Select the '.vmdk' file
Double-click the '.vmdk' file
Select the 'PCnet-PCI II (Am79C970A)' adapter due to the age of the machine
If you've been following my VirtualBox cybersecurity lab guide, you can change it from NAT to Internal Network and choose cyber-range-isolated
Change the boot order and disable 'USB' and 'Floppy'
Disable 'Audio'
Disable 'USB' > Click 'OK'
Right-click Kioptrix and choose 'Snapshots'
Take a snapshot
Fill out the snapshot details and click 'OK'

Start the VM and Have Fun

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