Troubleshooting Your VirtualBox Lab

In this module, we will take a look at some common problems you may experience in your VirtualBox lab and how to begin fixing them.
Troubleshooting Your VirtualBox Lab
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This page is part of the larger series of converting an old laptop into a bare metal home lab server. Click here to be taken back to the project home page.

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External Pentest Practice in Your VirtualBox AD Lab
In this module of the VirtualBox cybersecurity home lab project, we are going to look at the process of setting up a dual-homed target to serve as a pivot point into an Active Directory network.

pfSense is stuck at configuring WAN interface

  • Make sure you’re bridged to the Internet-connected interface

My Internet-facing VMs can’t get out to the Internet

  • Make sure pfSense is running (should always be the first to boot)
  • Make sure pfSense is bridged to the Internet-connected interface
  • Is your VM on the right LAN?
  • Check your firewall rules in pfSense

My VM’s screen is tiny

  • Go to View > Virtual Screen > Turn up the scaling
  • Or, try changing the view to Scaled Mode (won’t work for all VMs)

When I try to ping Kali’s DNS name I get its old IP address

  • In pfSense, go to Services > DNS Resolver and restart the service

I am having trouble running some attacks in the AD lab

  1. Make sure your Kali VM is on the same subnet
    • Stop the VM
    • Go to VirtualBox settings for Kali VM
    • Change the network adapter to be on the AD_LAB LAN
    • Start Kali again
  2. Make sure you have Windows Firewall completely disabled on the Windows 10 clients
    • Check the Tamper Protection setting
    • Ensure SMB is enabled on all parties
    • Google around on how the attacks work
    • Ask your peers

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Creating a Windows 7 Buffer Overflow Practice VM in VirtualBox
In this module, we will look at creating a vulnerable Windows 7 VM in VirtualBox that will run some applications which are vulnerable to 32-bit stack-based buffer overflows
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