Active Directory Attack Map

In this post, I share an attack path diagram I've created to aid in preparing for and attempting the OSCP and/or PNPT certifications.
Active Directory Attack Map
In: Attack, Active Directory, Computer Networking, OSCP Prep, Certifications

Tips for Interacting with the Diagram

  • This diagram was designed with and is loading in an iframe
  • This is not meant to be an exhaustive reference and should not be construed as such (contact me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Discord if you see anything I should add or edit)
  • Please zoom in for best viewing experience (you can hold the CTRL key and use your mouse wheel while hovering over the diagram to zoom in/out)

Thanks to:

  • Grimmie for double-checking my work and providing feedback
  • Three Strikes for double-checking my work and providing feedback
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